08 May 2015

Chandler Grey, Age 3

                                            This boy. 
He loves: 
cars, trucks, tractors and trains. pizza, cheeseburgers, mashed potatoes ("small potatoes"), and strawberries. rides in the truck and trips to ikea. dancing and singing made up songs. new shirts from all over the world. his red sandals. all "the guys" (his stuffed friends)- fox, doggy, tiger, bear and almond the bear. his three blankets: lovey, dinosaur blanket and sassy quilt. going to bed early, around 6:00 each night). breakfast- specifically a granola bar, toast and yogurt. bath time, especially with a movie on the iPad (my kinda kid). facetiming with anyone who will listen to him talk about/show off his toy car collection.

He hates:
eggs and lettuce (like, so bad you guys). breathing treatments on the nebulizer. sharing with his little brother. loud music. 

He is 3 feet tall and 33 pounds. And soon he's going to start full day preschool... whenever he's ready to be potty trained, that is. 

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