28 September 2012

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It is true, what they say about Instagram:  
It will take over your blogging life.

It's been three and a half months since we last met and my oh my has our little Chandler grown. At SEVEN MONTHS OLD (Can you believe that?), he eats solid foods, sleeps around 13 hours every single night and naps around 3 hours every day, is still absolutely glued to his paci, is working on crawling and cutting teeth, says "dada" and is still the happiest little chubby bunny we know. 

He's such a good baby! 


I would love to say that I'm back for good, but with our moving date coming up quickly (don't worry, we're not going far), I can't promise I'll have internet right away. I'll do my best and update when possible, but until then, please feel free to follow us on Instagram (@divaqueendowler)for daily chan-stagrams!

Side-note: HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY TO ME! :D