13 June 2012

Our Bedtime Routine

 Now that Chandler has his bedtime routine down pat, we're all happy and rested! At 7:30pm, we give him a bath and let him splash for a minute, before greasing him up with lavender baby lotion. Then we put on his jammies and feed him a big bottle of rice and formula. When he's finished, we snuggle for just a little while longer, before laying him in his crib at 8:00pm. He goes right to sleep and doesn't wake up until 5:30am for a bottle, and then goes back down again until 7:30am, when he's up for the day. Since Jordan leaves for work around the same time Chandler wakes up to eat, it makes it really easy to get up and have the bottle ready for him before he gets too fussy.



Jordan's older brother, Matt, is deploying for the first time next month, to Afghanistan. For his pre-deployment leave, he drove here from White Sands, New Mexico. A few days later, Jordan's mom, Vickie, flew in to join in on the fun! We had such a great time visiting and playing tourists in our own town, and Chandler had so much fun with his Uncle Buff Stuff and Gramma Vick!

While they were here, Jordan, Matt, Candace (my friend and Matt's girlfriend) and I went to Denver to watch our LA Angels take down the Colorado Rockies. It was such a great game, although it was SCORCHING hot at 95 degrees at 6,500 ft with absolutely no shade. We all left with a little color (varying from shades of bright red to tan) and smiles on our faces.


Both within the same week, 
we celebrated my very first Mother's Day,  
and Jordan and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary!

Spending an entire week celebrating my family was absolutely wonderful. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call those two boys my own, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.
Jordan and Chandler, I love you guys so much!



I cannot believe how quickly time is flying, with this little love. At three months, Chandler...

is extremely ticklish,
has found his voice and baby-talks all day long,
loves bath time, and has begun splashing around,
is almost grown out of all his size 3 month clothes 
*le sigh*,
has also almost completely outgrown his size 1 diapers,
sleeps in his own room now, from 8:00pm to 7:30am,
tries so hard to suck his thumb,
and holds his head up like a champ.

We're BACK!

OH MY BLOG! I've been so busy changing diapers, that I almost forgot about le blog! Fear not: I'm here now, with plenty of time (thank prada for nap time) to update you all on what's been going on in the House of Dow, over the last month.

Between visits from family members, a growing baby, holidays and all the other happenings, we've had a busy few weeks. So sit tight and check back soon for lots of updates!