08 May 2015

Archer Knox, 17 Months Old

                                         This baby.

He loves: crackers, bread, anything carby. almond milk, like five hundred times a night (because he still doesn't sleep through the night, you guys). playing with his big brother's toy cars. mickey mouse clubhouse, on disney jr. his paci. his daddy- he's a serious daddy's boy. his lovey and stuffed bear, utah. 

He hates: pretty much every food that's not bread or bread-like, unless it's puréed baby food. sleeping at night. 

Archer is pretty much the happiest baby ever. He says mama, dada, archer, touch it, thank you, ball, hi, tractor, baby, paci, wow, car, bird, and he signs for "more," "please," and "thank you." He blows kisses and gives slobbery smooches, high fives and waves hello and goodbye. He plays peekaboo and pretends to take a nap on command. He doesn't walk or stand on his own yet (the same as Chandler, at that age), but I'm not rushing him- he can stay a baby forever and ever. Except for this whole not sleeping at night thing... That can GO. 

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