31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

There's something nostalgic about Fall, every year. Around this time, I always find myself reminiscing about the "good old days" and what Halloween used to look like. Some of my most favorite memories of growing up include costumes and trick or treating, sorting out candy on the kitchen floor, bartering with my little sister- her Almond Joys for my Reece's Peanut Butter Cups, and sneaking candy to school the next day, in every pocket I could stuff it in. Looking back, I bet I wasn't that sneaky, pretend-coughing to toss another gummy eyeball or Skittle into my mouth.. I bet my teachers looked forward to watching all the students try to get away with eating candy in class, just as much as we enjoyed thinking we did.

From 7th grade on, I spent most of my Halloweens with my friend, Kristine. Her mother has a tradition of making a big pot of chili, and nobody is allowed to leave the dinner table (no matter how many friends were waiting for us on her front porch) until our bowls were empty. Kristine would whine for what seemed like hours, every single year, thinking she'd somehow get out of it. She never did, and we were always late for what was always about to be "The Best Night of Our Entire LIVES."

I just got word that the chili is simmering in Myrna's kitchen, and although I never cared much for it, I want nothing more than to be at that table, listening to my best friend whine and planning what would indeed be the best Halloween of our lives.

Here we are, about a hundred years ago, as 80's cheerleaders.

Happy Halloween! =^..^=

25 October 2011

Hello from Colorado Springs!

[isn't our new neighborhood so pretty?]
We made it safe and sound to Colorado and are slowly moving in to our new home. So far, we absolutely love it! It's beautiful and mountainous and the people around here have been so helpful and nice. The leaves are changing, just as they are in Utah. I'm really surprised at how many times I have found myself smiling at my new surroundings- it's a lot like home, already.
Our new apartment is AWESOME. We took a big chance, moving into a place we'd never even seen the inside of, but it's even better than we imagined. The ceilings are high, the windows overlook beautiful scenery, the deck is amazing, the bedrooms are spacious and the walls are painted the creamiest shade of almond. We love our new home and can't wait to have all of our housewares delivered and unpacked (the Army estimates it'll be here around the 21st of November). 
Baby Dowler is growing and kicking, simultaneously, and makes sure I don't ever forget he's in there. He's as big as a cantaloupe this week! Knowing he's a boy and not just a critter makes things so much more real. Jordan finally felt him kick this week, which was exciting for both of us. Funny how he kicks like an all star, all day long.. until the exact moment his daddy puts his hand on my belly. Stubborn little guy- I like to think he didn't get that from me (although it's quite possible he did). 
For all who have asked, yes we DO have a name picked out and no, he won't be named after anyone. We've decided not to tell everyone the name, for now. It gives us a little more wiggle room, in case we come across something we like even better (which is highly unlikely, since the name we've chosen is quite possibly the best name in the history of names) and it gives a little mystery, which is always fun.

21 October 2011

Goodbye Utah

Today is our last day living in Utah. We leave for Colorado Springs, Colorado late tonight and move into our new apartment tomorrow. As we're packing up the very last of our boxes and loading up the car, I can't help but feel a little bit sad to be leaving Utah. I wish I could take the beautiful mountains with us- it seems especially difficult to leave them when they look as beautiful as they do today:

We'll miss our home, but we're moving on to bigger and better things in Colorado. We'll be back to visit as soon as possible (I'll be back in the beginning of January for my baby shower- more details to follow) and will continue to keep you all updated on the very important happenings of our little family. It may be pretty quiet around here until we get settled in our new home, but we'll be back- don't worry. Farewell, Utah!

20 October 2011

It's A.....!

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for.

At just over 19 weeks, this is the bump I've been working on. Mind you, this is in the morning, before eating. It always seems to get bigger throughout the day. Before scrolling down, can you guess if Baby Dowler is a boy or girl?
The verdict... [drum roll please]...


[look at his cute little button nose] 
Most of our friends are having girls right now, so Jordan wanted me to pass on this message: "Our little guy is gonna have the pick of the litter- he'll probably have twelve girlfriends." So to all you ladies having little ladies, WATCH OUT! There's going to be another cute Dowler boy on the prowl.

The ultrasound technician measured all of his organs and extremities, listened to his heartbeat and watched his range of motion- everything looks great! Throughout the ultrasound, he kept flexing his tiny little bicep over and over and over again and then at the very last second, right as she took the last photo, he flashed us a big thumbs up- he's his daddy's boy already.

14 October 2011

Jordi's HOME!

Look who's finally HOME!
I'll write more later.

[We're... busy..]

12 October 2011

An Update

Just an update: Jordan is officially ON HIS WAY HOME. He signed out of his base (FOR GOOD) in Germany tonight, just before heading to the airport. I'm starting to get the first-date-jitters, as I realize how soon he'll be here. It happens every time- all you military spouses know exactly what I'm talking about. The butterflies, the nerves, the toe tapping and clock watching, the choosing of outfits and RE-choosing of outfits (no matter how bad I want to wear my comfy maternity leggings for the third time this week, for the sake of looking hot, I won't), the last minute trips to the store to stock up on his beverage of choice... he's almost home.
At this point, if I'm being honest, I have about 2/3 of the packing done (I keep packing boxes until they're too heavy for my pregnant self to lift.. so frustrating) and my laundry hasn't begun to wash itself yet. Luckily, I have ONE more day to complete everything. All I need to get going is a good playlist filled with booty shakin' sing-along type music. *Queue Beyonce...*

10 October 2011

Crafting Instead of Cleaning

This is the part when time seems to sloooow doooown, so I fill it with everything that needs to be done before Jordan comes home: cleaning, laundry, outfit choosing, packing for the move, getting his special things out so they're easily accessible.. those types of things. As of today, I have FOUR DAYS to complete all my tasks. 
Truly, I like to start with five, but yesterday I got distracted by the left side of my brain. Instead of starting in on what seems like an endless mountain of laundry, I made this beauty...
Now it's time to buckle down and DO WORK!
Buuut I think I'll sit here for just another minute, feeling le bebe kick...

03 October 2011

The FINAL Countdown Begins

I just wanted to say one thing, before I explode:


And this time, I get to keep him forever. No more sadness, no more goodbyes, no more long distance marriage (at least for a year or so). The day I've waited all my life for, is almost here. My sweet soldier is COMING HOME! It'll be a quick stay, and then we're off to Fort Carson, Colorado (also known as "home" for the next four years).
You know what else that means? It also means it's almost time to post the long-awaited highly-requested BELLY PICTURES! I promise you all, as soon as he comes home and things settle down, I'll show you the bump. Until then, here's how I feel about prenatal vitamins...