29 September 2011

Nightmare on 13th

Top 5 Reasons Haunted Houses Are NOT for Pregnant People
1. You might pee your pants. There are no bathroom breaks along the way.

2. The mix of smells (sweat, mildew and bad breath) might make you throw up.

3. The rolling tunnel walkway throws off your already terrible sense of balance.

4. The creepy doctor with the bloody two-headed fetus doll is NOT funny anymore.

5. The strobe light maze might cause you to become dizzy and blind.

Although I did have a good time, it was a far different experience from haunted houses in past years. I recommend going ONLY after you've used the restroom- if you don't think you have to go, try, try again.. Remember to bury your face into a friend's shoulder during all the scariest parts. Bring some lemon extract oil to smell when you feel nauseous, and close your eyes and stick tightly to anyone within grasp (even if you don't know them, you're all going to end up in the same place, right?) while walking through the strobe light maze- they will find their way... eventually.

28 September 2011

My Birthday

Happy Birthday to ME! My sweet husband sent me the most beautiful flowers, along with chocolate covered Oreos (bless him) and a sweet card. Even from an ocean away, he still knows how to make me feel special on my day. 

Today, I celebrated by getting a massage, treating myself to lunch (mmm Cafe Rio) and doing a little shopping. Even though I fully intended on spoiling myself, I ended up only buying things for Baby Dowler.

As most of you know, the baby's nickname is "Little Critter." So naturally, I hunted down the Little Critter collection by Mercer Mayer, as well as a collection of Curious George books and a few others. This baby is gonna be one book-happy little love.

26 September 2011

The Belly vs The Jeans

It has begun, ladies and gents. My last pair of jeans has given me the bird. My belly has outgrown most of my clothes, which leaves me to all that is loose and comfortable- luckily I have an extreme amount of sun dresses and skirts with stretchy waste bands, that will get me through the next month or so, until it gets too cold outside. But as for jeans, I'm SOL. I guess I'll have to do some maternity shopping soon. Any recommendations for cute, affordable maternity clothes?

I decided very early on that I wouldn't put any baby bump pictures online until Jordan gets to meet the belly in person. To all that have asked to see, you'll just have to wait a few more weeks. 

So at a little over 16 weeks pregnant, this is what is has come to:
Belly: 1 - Jeans: 0

A - Z All About Me

This fun little survey is going around the blogosphere, and I HAD to get in on it. Enjoy!

A. Age: 22 this week :)
B. Bed size: Queen- just enough space for two, way too big for just one.
C. Chore that you hate: Cleaning out drains. It's a "man-chore."
D. Dogs: I prefer "dawgs" to "dogs." Pets are not my thing.

E. Essential start to your day: Benadryl. Unfortunately, this pregnancy has made my allergies sky rocket. 
F. Favourite color: GLITTER! :D
G. Gold or Silver: I love them both, equally.
H. Height: 5'6, without shoes.
I. Instruments you play: I can play a mean Mary Had A Little Lamb on a phone dialer.
J. Job title: Trophy Wife / Baby Baker
K. Kids: Our first is due in March.
L. Live: Currently in Utah, packing up for the big move to Ft. Carson Colorado.
M. Mother's name: Deanna
N. Nicknames: Errie Berrie, Baby Bear, E, Airheadica, Eureka, Hairica, Ellica.
O. Overnight hospital stays: I had pretty bad asthma when I was little and that caused for a few overnight stays.
P. Pet peeve: If I can hear you eating, you're doing something wrong. Also, repetitive noises.
Q. Quote from a movie:
"You know what's going to happen to you? I'm going to march you over to the zoo and feed you to the yak..." Breakfast at Tiffany's
R. Right or Left handed: Right
S. Sweet or Salty: SALTY! *said with a mouthful of funyuns*
U. Underwear: is for the birds. Kidding. I wear it. Relax.
V. Vegetable you hate: It may be safer to ask which ones I DO like... the list might be shorter.
W. What is your dream job: When I was little I wanted to be a mermaid or an Olympic ice skater. Sadly, I am doing neither of these things, currently.
X. X-Rays you've had: brain, wrist, teeth and belly
Y. Yummy food that you make: Everything I make is delicious- just ask my husband!
Z. Zoo animal: Giraffes and Peacocks

22 September 2011

Nuisance du Nez

They say when you're pregnant you can smell things from a mile away, and they are absolutely right. I can smell onions cooking at dinner time, and there's not an onion to be found in this entire house. I can smell people's cigarette smoke before they even light up, I swear. If someone has eaten garlic in the last 24 hours, I'll be able to tell. 

But the newest nuisance du nez comes from my favorite magazine, Cosmopolitan. I can smell every single perfume sample, all at once, before I even open the cover. To avoid the trifecta of headaches, gagging and watery eyes, I have to rip out every perfume-doused page before delving into the world of fashion, love and guy confessions.

[Ahhh, much better...]

17 September 2011


[SJSU vs UTAH 2010-
Utes killed it 56-3]

[Official Utah Utes Day 2011- 
the day we joined the PAC 12]

We bleed red. GO UTES.

15 September 2011

The "Oreonion"

 I just created my very first definitely-pregnant-snack. I call it the "oreonion." It is a funyun, smashed between the delicious layers of an oreo cookie. It was divine. Don't you judge me..
 *Also, I just noticed that most of my posts this month have been about food. I feel it necessary to inform my readers that as of yesterday's appointment from hell, I have LOST two pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm not a complete fattie...

14 September 2011

Crazy Pregnant Woman-Beast Hormones

Over the last 15 weeks I've thought to myself, "What pregnancy hormones? I don't notice any difference in my attitude..." Boy, oh boy did I find myself eating my own words today...

I went to my monthly OBGYN appointment this morning- baby is growing perfectly! The doctor, no matter how cheerful, just could not master the idea of being "gentle." To spare the gory details (all the other mamas out there will understand), I'll skip to the end of the appointment when he suddenly decided I needed to get my blood work done. So I scheduled my next appointment, got the paperwork and headed down to the lab. After collecting enough blood and urine to drown a whale, they sent me to the front desk. Turns out, they gave me the wrong patient information. So back up to my doctors office, I went. Beyond frustrated, I informed the receptionist of the mistake, in my nicest "I hate you" voice. She giggled, said "You'd be surprised how often that happens around here!" Comforting, right? So then I went back down to the lab, where, instead of switching the labels, they made me go through the ENTIRE process again. To say I was mad would be a great understatement.

When I got home, Jordan called. I yelled and screamed and cried and complained for a good lengthy amount of time. When I was done, I apologized. He said, "Don't worry about it baby. And if you feel the need to apologize, then I forgive you. But it's okay. Take some deep breaths. It's all over, now."
I don't know how he does it. I'm the luckiest.

So, I hereby admit that I have crazy pregnant woman-beast tendencies.  

12 September 2011

Late Night Cravings

Why is it that I crave junk food only at night? 
Why does Walmart only sell GIANT BARRELS of cheese balls?
Why must they taste so gooooood?

I try to eat healthy for Little Critter's sake, as well as my own.
But sometimes, I just have to give in to the cheesy salty goodness...
At first, I told myself I didn't want that garbage.

And then I tried one..

Turns out, I do. I DO WANT THAT GARBAGE. 
And I want to eat it in bed. So I will.

In other news:
This hilarious video is totally me and Jordan, 50 years from now:

(Thanks, Emily!)

11 September 2011

September 11th

Ten years ago today, I was getting ready for school. I was in 7th grade and was focusing on looking my absolute 12-year-old best. My dad called from his bedroom, "Girls! Come in here." We ran into the room and watched, as the horror of the attacks unfolded on live TV. That day in school, our teachers explained to us what had happened, and we discussed what "terrorists" were, for the first time. When I got home, I sat in my room and cried. 
I didn't understand the magnitude of what happened, and I certainly didn't expect to someday marry a US Soldier, who would go on to fight for that very cause. I'm proud to be an American, thankful for our brave troops, and respectful of our fallen loved ones. 

Today and Forever, We'll Always Remember.

07 September 2011

For my Love...

"cause without you, things go hazy..."

A Shared Post

This is a MUST-share...
My good friend Emily's husband deployed for the first time, to Afghanistan, last week. Last night, this is what she blogged:
[to follow Emily's journey, click HERE]

For anyone who wonders why we do it:

"This post is for anyone feeling sad, or angry, or confused, or whatever… Because you’re not alone tonight. There are nights where I lay in bed, staring at my ceiling, wondering why I do it. Why wait for someone who cant be here with me when I need him? Why wait for someone to come back to me when he’s the one that’s constantly leaving? Why wait for a brief moment with him after so many months apart? Why wait for something that might never happen? Why wait for him at all?

I’ll admit, there have been times where I’ve totally lost it. There have been times where I’ve thrown things across the room and dented my walls. There have been times where I’ve screamed into pillows so no one could hear me, and times where I’ve gone and sobbed in the shower until I couldn’t breathe. If you’ve done it, then I’ve done it, too. If you’ve thought it, then I’ve thought it too. If you’ve felt it, then I’ve felt it too. Every single day I think, “What kind of relationship is this? Who has a relationship with someone they never get to spend time with? Who deals with this? I can’t plan a single thing without having to consult the military first.”

I mean, it’s insane. Right? My whole life revolves around Skype, phone calls, and the promise of a future together. I don’t fall asleep next to him; I fall asleep with him on Skype. I don’t get to touch him, or hug him, or kiss him, nearly as much as I’d like to… or nearly as much as I'm entitled to. I find that I’m jealous of the women who get to see their boyfriends or fianc├ęs of husbands all the time - the line “I miss him” doesn’t mean anything to me when they say it. I feel like they never understand what missing someone is until their someone has been taken from them. So, when our someone has been taken away by the military, its like we voluntarily rescind any rights to a life of normalcy for a love that is committed, first to country, and second, to us.

So, why? Why do we do this to ourselves? Is it not enough that our men are taken from us, shipped off to God-knows-where, and then returned to us only after their (and our) duty is done? Who, in their right mind, would want to deal with that?

Well, I’ll tell you who wants to deal with it:

I do. 

Your next-door neighbor does. The cashier behind the counter does. The science teacher does. The stay-at-home mom does. The average college student does.
Any woman, who loves him, wants to deal with it.

We do it because we love them. We do it because we are the strongest women on Earth. We do it because one, single, solitary moment with them is worth a lifetime away from them. It doesn’t mean we have to do this with a smile plastered on our face, and (Lord knows) we certainly don’t most of the time. We do it because, for his love, we’d do anything.

Honestly, most of the time, I hate it. It takes a pretty strong person to ignore the sting of tears, threatening to spill onto the canvas we call our face… The smallest thing can bring tears to my eyes: a song, a smell, a word, a place. Anything and everything can make me tear up. Pretending to be happy is like an Olympic sport for those of us who are in love with someone who serves; their duty is to their country, while our duty is to love them. Despite all the pain we endure, it is truly an honor to love a man like that.

I fall among the silent ranks of those who love someone in the military. I live, love, and suffer in silence, with thousands of others who are waiting just as patiently as I am. We cling to moments, few and far between, because they are the promise of something more. We yearn for the phone calls, the text messages, the emails, because they remind us who were waiting for. We don’t measure time in days, or weeks, or months… We measure time from when he left, to when he's going to return. We’ve learned that long stretches of time without them is worth the minuscule amount of time we get to spend with them; “time is of the essence”, it’s our motto for life.

So, when you ask why we do it, remember, we also ask ourselves why we do it. We ask ourselves every single day why we deal with this loneliness, this pain, this stupid thing we call love… and every time we remind ourselves: because one day he'll come home to me.

After all, if it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it."

--Emily Swearingen

05 September 2011

Baby Morpher

I don't know where I'd be without the help of online pregnancy/parenting websites. I didn't know that cloth diapering has become such a hygienic, common and easy option. I didn't know that our baby is about the size of a peach, currently. I didn't know about the Chinese Gender Chart, according to which, our baby will be a girl. 
And I certainly didn't know that our baby may or may not look like this:

So, thank you, Baby Morpher. Thank you for showing me that I'll be giving birth to a chicken-disguised baby. Without you, I may have been lost in a sea of wonder.

If you'd like to morph your photos, to find out what your baby might look like, click here.

01 September 2011

Cereal and Cereal and Cereal

[pardon the late night look]
current pregnancy craving: cereal 
specifically, cheerios
rice chex will also do
or lucky charms, if you've got 'em
captain crunch? yes please