24 April 2012

Lots of Firsts

I can't believe my little Chandler is going to be TWO months old tomorrow. It seems like we brought him home from the hospital just last week! In the last week alone, he's grown so much.

We went to the park for the first time.
I forgot his sunglasses and hat, 
but luckily remembered the sunscreen.
He did NOT like the swing, but enjoyed the slide.
He was so excited about being outside, 
he pooped all the way up to his neck...
...and I ran out of wipes before he was clean.
It was quite an adventure!

He took a nap in his crib, for the very first time.
It was short lived, but he fell asleep none the less.
He looks so tiny in the big bed!

And the best part of all, he started smiling a little bit.
We're still waiting on the big toothless grins, 
But this will certainly do, in the meantime.

I'll be posting his two month photo and stats in the next few days,
 so keep your eyes peeled!

17 April 2012

Four Generations

Left to Right: Sassy, Mama, Critter and GG

My Grammy (Chandler's GG) had a layover in Denver, 
while my mom (Chandler's Sassy) was visiting, 
so we met her for lunch at the airport! 
Chandler had a great time meeting GG, 
while we caught up over margaritas 
and tacos at the Cantina. 

We can't wait to see them again soon! 

Happy thoughts and hugs to GG, 
who's getting knee surgery this week. 

13 April 2012

Chandler's First Easter

Chandler's first Easter was also 
Mama and Daddy's first Easter together! 
So it was a big day of firsts, and we went all out...

We dyed eggs (Chandler wasn't really into it).

The Easter Bunny came!

We invited friends over for an incredible dinner of 
BBQ'd ribs and burgers, 
homemade au gratin potatoes, 
deviled eggs (of course), 
sliced watermelon and fresh green beans.

Chandler looked so cute in his swing, 
which just happens to have bunny ears.

We had a great first Easter!

11 April 2012

Sassy's Visit

 My mom came to visit, from Dallas! 
I hadn't seen her since September, 
so we had a lot of catching up to do 
(even though we talk almost every day on the phone). 
She held Chandler about 18 hours a day, which he loved.

Since she's a young grandma, 
we wanted to choose a more fitting name for her.
Chandler looooves his SASSY!

 (crossing my fingers that I'll look that good at her age...)

We can't wait for her to come back again soon!