10 May 2012

Our Trip to Utah

Chandler and I went on a trip to Utah! 
There, he met more of his family, 
and played with new baby friends! 

He was an absolute dream on the plane, wide awake and looking around while not making a peep, on the way there. On the ride home, he slept from security in Salt Lake City, all the way to baggage claim in Denver! He's a great travel buddy. Unfortunately, Jordan couldn't come with us, since he's been training in the field for the last six weeks (I finally get to pick him up today!).
We surprised his Grandma Vickie (Jordan's mom) at work- she had no idea we were coming into town. It was an incredible moment, watching her look up from her computer, to unexpectedly meet her first and only grandbaby. Truly amazing.

Chandler also met his Auntie Rainbow Cat (my little sister, Aimee), his Uncle Jared (Jordan's oldest brother) and a few other family members and friends. He had lots of snuggle time with his Sassy (my mom) and GG (my Grammy), which allowed me to catch up on some beauty sleep (fabulous).

We had a great time in Utah, and can't wait to go back- next time, we'll be bringing our big man of the house. If we didn't get to see you, I apologize and we'll see you next time! Love to all!

07 May 2012


Two months have come and gone by so quickly!

At TWO MONTHS, Chandler...

Still loves his paci, and is much better at keeping it in

Takes one long nap and several cat naps during the day, 
and wakes up only twice during the night

Smiles almost all day long (even in his sleep)

Wears size one diapers and three month clothes

Weighs 11 pounds, 2 ounces

And still makes the funniest faces I've ever seen

We love you so much, Chan Doggie!